Wellfit took birth in 1985 under the vision of Mr. Yahya Ibrahim Musaliyar in Dubai.
What took off as a small shop in Naif Market, Dubai have flourished into a multi-million
empire spread across Middle East,Africa and Asia.
Wellfit is the only “End to End” manufacturer in the car seat industry in the world and thus
have been enjoying Monopoly ever since its inception three decades back.
Our company’s foundation of growth over the last Thirty Five Years is the deep understanding
of customer needs and our ability to translate customer desired offerings through cutting edge R&D.
We are committed to improve the quality of life for the communities that depend on us by
concentrating on fields such as employability, health and environment. Wellfit recently began its
expansion to India on high demand for quality custom products by our customers who once
had a taste of us. Our customer satisfaction index and expertise in the field are unmatched,
something which are attained by delivering exactly what customers demand.
Every day we treat every product as individual art work that fits right into your imagination
and comfort. What began as a humble establishment was avid in creating new benchmarks
in the industry by adopting latest technologies and quality measures to ensure customer
satisfaction. And every second at Wellfit we strive hard to maintain it.

Consistently strive to create our own resources for optimum production of an exceptional, complete and cozy seat coer, custom designed for each and all of the luxury car brands.

Manufacture and make accessible, reasonably priced, first-rate, genuine leather customized seat covers for all vehicles.

Our seat covers are fabricated using the finest supplies and highly developed machinery, by skilled personnel. We constantly endeavor to optimized production costs through international outsourcing of raw materials and innovating in producton equipments, process and materials. This helps us stay competitive, and to value our products with affordable prices to reach our customers.

Our Goal is to make the best seat cover products in the world.
Not to be the biggest.

  • Started - 1987

    In Naïf market with a small shop.

  • 1987

    Specific measured readymade seat cover.

  • 1989

    Wellfit brand established. Shifted to 7 shutter unit.

  • 1990

    A parts named Velcro added to its product ( it reduced fitting time from 5hours to 2 hour).

  • 1992

    Started direct material import from USA.

  • 1994

    Shifted to 10,000sq ft own building in Ajman.

  • 1995

    Introduced elastic and buckles to the product ( it helps to reduce risk factors of seat fitting labour from damaging hand with pins etc.)

  • 2000

    Visited korea and explored about machineries which was used for different industry and purpose.

  • 2002

    Adopted and brought heat lamination machine and become monopolist and large demanded product produced company. Shifted to 40,000sq ft, Ajman.

  • 2003

    Automatic cutting machine introduced with supporting software CAD.

  • 2005

    Brought and Introduced Eaton Technology for more productivity from stitching and to bring better system to the stitching side.

  • 2012- till

    70,000sq ft own building in Ajman.